Plant a Garden..... Decorate your Soul.....

Plant a Garden..... Decorate your Soul.....

Plant a Garden..... Decorate your Soul.....Plant a Garden..... Decorate your Soul.....Plant a Garden..... Decorate your Soul.....

Our Story


It all started with a dream....

Back in 1980, after starting a family, my Mom developed a passion for flowers, and started her growing in the back of a 1960 Brookwood Chevy Stationwagon.  While being a farmer's wife and stay-at-home mom, plants soon became a full blown obsession for her.  My Mom would always be seen helping with harvest, the animals, or tending to her plants, and in amongst all of that.....put herself through the Prairie Horticulture Certificate Program.  Great memories were made by my sister and I tagging along beside her and Dad, learning all about the wonders of farm life.

Today, the family business has grown from that backseat in the station wagon to 23,000 square feet of plant production and retail space.  My husband and I have taken over running the business, however Mom and Dad still enjoy doing what they've always done...except they're stress free!  We start up in February, and transform our  garden centre with the seasons right up until the end of December.  We grow top quality product, from herbs and vegetables, to annuals, perennials, planters and hanging baskets.  We also have a fully stocked nursery and garden centre to supply you with all the necessities to make the gardening season the most enjoyable one for you!


So.....what do you REALLY do?

You might ask, "What exactly do you do all spring?

We work very hard at what we do, to give you the best possible product and the very best experience each and every time you visit our greenhouse.

To be honest, each year begins in the fall.  That is when we do all of our planning (which seems ENDLESS), ordering, and brainstorming for better ways we can improve ourselves, our facility, and our product, for our customers.  We start our long days, early in the spring, when there is still lots of snow and blustery days.  We start with seeds, that we sow by hand, and we transplant plugs that been ordered back in the fall.  We are constantly changing with an ever-changing industry.

This ever-changing industry of trends in gardening is what makes it so exciting!  Gardening is like makes me happy to be able to help people decorate their yards!

What's in store for the future?  The way we see it....anything is possible!  It's what I always tell my kids....anything is possible if you dream it, set your mind to it, and work really hard.  Changes are always happening at the greenhouse.  Visit us anytime and see for yourself!


Why do you do all this work?

When a cold and blustery spring morning starts with a hot cup of coffee, warm fuzzy socks tucked neatly in your rubber boots, and the sun beating down on you with such force that you have no choice but to walk around in a t-shirt....I don't consider it work at all.  There is nothing more satisfying than the smell of warm, fresh soil and the sight of tiny sprouts ready to begin their garden journey.  It makes my soul smile :)

My Mom started this business over 35 years ago as a hobby.  Over the years, this hobby has grabbed our family by the heartstrings, and is now in our blood.  I eat, sleep and breathe this business, and enjoy it every single time I step in those doors.  As farming is to our farmers, gardening is to the simply isn't a's a way of life.

It seeds itself into your soul, creates roots there and makes a person flourish in ways that they never thought possible.  Gardening teaches many things, including patience.

We do all this work because it makes us happy, it makes our team happy, it makes our customers happy.  And at the end of the day....if you can make someone's day a little brighter....isn't that what life is all about?

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